123English, an innovative education organization, embarked on its journey in 2020, with its roots firmly planted in the picturesque Philippines. Founded by a team of passionate educators, including distinguished masters of education from the Philippines and renowned teachers, this company set forth on a mission to revolutionize education in Southeast Asia by pioneering the concept of personalized learning.

In 2021, 123English expanded its horizons to Vietnam through strategic domestic partnerships, marking a significant milestone in its evolution. It swiftly became one of the pioneering institutions in Vietnam dedicated to online English training, adopting a unique one-teacher-to-one-student model. With over three years of relentless dedication and growth in the market, 123English has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of personalized English education in Vietnam, specializing in the highly effective one-on-one training format delivered through an online platform.

123English's core vision revolves around unlocking the latent potential within every individual, ensuring that each person can flourish in a manner that is both personally meaningful and deserving. Their approach to online English training adheres to personalized learning programs and teaching methodologies tailored to the unique capabilities, interests, personalities, receptivity, and learning objectives of each student, regardless of age.

Their cadre of teachers boasts a global presence, hailing from diverse countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and Vietnam. These educators bring with them a wealth of experience in instructing English to Asian students, allowing them to craft the most suitable learning styles for each individual.

123English caters to a wide array of learners, including working professionals seeking English improvement, busy individuals seeking flexible learning options, children embarking on their English journey from an early age, and those preparing for certification exams. Their comprehensive programs are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of their students, ensuring that each one receives a personalized and transformative educational experience.

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